Choosing The Best Furnace Unit For Your Home

Are you in the market for a new furnace? If so, it’s crucial that you choose the right type of heating system. Buy one too small and your home will be cold; buy one too large and you could waste up to $2,000 per year*! That’s why you need to do some homework before making any purchases.

It is vital you purchase a unit that matches your specific needs. To complete this task successfully, consider these helpful tips:

– Figure Out What You Need First – Will Your New Furnace For A Whole House Or Just A Room?

– Take Measurements And Draw A Floor Plan – Circulate The Air In Your Home Properly

– Get A List Of The Basic Parts – Compare Discount Furnace Prices

– Read About Different Types Of Furnaces – Heating And Air Conditioning Basics

– Check With The Neighbors – Get An Estimate For Installation Now


Furnace System And The Correct Size For Your Space

If you already have a furnace, chances are you know what size it is. But if you’re looking for one and want to make sure you get the right thing, here’s what to look out for:

Size ratings. The size of a heating system should be determined by the heat loss calculation (which shows how much heat your home loses) and the desired indoor temperature. For example, generally speaking, if your living area averaged about 22°C (or 72°F), then a 30 kW unit would be required to provide enough heat. You could also use this calculation as an estimate that doesn’t need too much precision; just remember that every house is different and don’t forget to include insulation, windows, door size and location, ceiling height at the point of heat loss, etc.

Alternative methods for sizing. It is possible to use the net heating capacity (NHC) instead of the Btu/h rating when looking for a new furnace. This NHC takes into account the volume of your house and gives you the amount of heated air that passes through every hour by using blower speed (in cubic feet per minute or CFM). You’ll get more precise results with this method; however, it doesn’t always represent how your home will be warmed properly.


Always Ask For A Heating Professional Advice

Yes, you can save money by buying your own furnace, but is it really worth the extra energy costs? Buying your own heating system may be cheaper in the beginning but depending on who makes the purchase for you, an electric or gas company could end up charging you more over time because they bought a substandard unit. The equipment should last at least 10 years, and that’s about how long it will take to recoup investment during which time there are higher electricity bills. A professional knows what furnace size is right for your family and what installation requirements. This ensures that the job gets done quickly without any hassles or complications caused by poor planning. Your local HVAC company also offers maintenance agreements so problems can be dealt with before they become a costly concern.